How to build a 1792 guillotine model

construction plans for the 1792 guillotine

construction plans for the 1792 guillotine – detail

A part of the drawings in real size

To build a model of the French Revolution guillotine, you must be able to work in both wood and metal. You'll need basic tools, and last but not least, the right measurements.

Construction drawings will help you
Here you can buy the construction drawings with all measurements for a guillotine model (scale 1:5), similar to the type used during the French Revolution.
(No building materials included.)

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1792 Guillotine construction drawings
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More about the drawings

For many years I have collected data for these drawings. They are partly based on measurements taken from real old guillotines. One from 1830 (Bruges, Belgium), and one from approximately 1795 (Venlo, Niederlands). I have left out the improvements, that was made on these real guillotines in proportion to the first machine, to keep the construction as original as possible.

You can see what the finished model looks like, if it is built according to these drawings.

The finished model will be 76,8 centimetres high. All measurements on the drawings are in scale 1:5, and the unit used is millimetre, which is a part of the metric system introduced during the French Revolution. All instructions are in English. You will be advised what sort of material to use, wood, iron etc. for each part.

See how to assemble.
This guide helps when you finish all parts of the construction plan.

Real size in a museum.
A Belgium museum bought these construction drawings, and had a full scale guillotine build for their exhibition (Read more about this replica fullsize guillotine>>)